Common Troubleshooting for the API

As well intentioned and well documented as we try and make our API, sometimes things simply don’t work! For those times, please attempt to run through this handy troubleshooting document.

  1. Is the Atlas System turned on?

  2. Is it connected to your workstation in some way? Try to run ping $IP_OF_ATLAS_SYSTEM to see if will respond to a simple ping.

  3. Can you connect to the most available API route? Try to make a request against the System Info route. It does not require authorization.

  4. Do you have an active token? Our tokens are JWT standard tokens, and will naturally expire.

  5. Find a JWT decoder online and decode your token.

  6. Is the expiration date before today?

  7. Do you have API authorization?

  8. Attempt to login to the UI.

  9. Can you view the Authorization Tokens section of the UI?

  10. Can you perform the API action you are attempting manually via the UI?

  11. Are you passing the correct information to the API?

  12. Are you getting an error code? Most errors will tell you the parameters you are required to pass, and hint on their formatting if required.

  13. Is the API not returning at all?

  14. Not returning could be a sign that a process is taking a long time to complete.

  15. Most processes will complete within seconds, but some can take minutes depending on their function.

  16. If a process takes more than 10 minutes, check the system log on the UI for errors. Perhaps the API has malfunctioned.

  17. Is the API returning an Error?

  18. Many errors can be understood via the system log page or by viewing the service log of the API service. Look for lodestar in the services pane.

We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors using our API. If all else fails, please reach out for help and we’d be happy to assist you.